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Green Venue

Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel & Conference Center
Since 2001 the hotel has complied with the Rezidor Hotel Group Responsible Business-programme, taking responsibility for the environment and local community. The programme includes a Responsible Business Action Plan covering areas such as community outreach, environmental improvement, employee well-being and health and safety. Every September is Responsible Business Action Month when employees choose a charity project and plan and execute activities to raise money for this project.

A few months ago, the Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel & Conference Center forwarded an application for the Nordic official Eco-labelling Swan – a very well-known and well-reputed trademark in the Nordic Region. It is a type 1 Ecolabelling system and is a third-party control organ. The aim is to be Swan-labelled by January 2009.

Swan-labelled hotel has adopted a comprehensive approach to their environmental work and is able to comply with the Swan’s stringent requirements (within energy consumption, use of renewable energy sources, use of chemical products, water consumption, quantity of waste).

Green Conference bureau



As a company of the 21st century BDP is aware of the importance of caring for the Nature

and environment and minimize the waste and damage in our surroundings. As a company it is

important to lead in the field and show suppliers, costumers, partners and employees that this task is taken seriously.  The best way to commit us to this task is to focus on the environment in your daily routines – by:  

·                     Reducing unnecessary waste of products

·                     Choose suppliers with focus on environmental policies

·                     Recycle, whatever is possible to recycle

·                     Currently evaluate our daily routines and processes and reconstruct themin order to minimize waste. Samples from your daily routines are e.g.:

·                     Reuse wasted printer paper, boxes and cardboard

·                     Sort garbage (glass, papers, electric devices, plastics, organic material)

·                     Use water, power and heat with care

·                     Buy recycled products or products, which are composed of „green“ components (food, paper etc.) and thus environment friendly.  

Both employees and managers in BDP are aware of the responsibility of carrying out the principles and make put the written word into action.

All have committed themselves to do this.  


 Hanne NehmarManaging Director 


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